Danish Butter Cookies is one of the recommended snacks if you are looking for tasty and nutritious ones. One of the characteristics of the cookie is the ingredient, mainly; it is from butter without food developers. All the ingredients are composed well; making the product has crunchy but also smooth texture.

Packaged in a tin, there are 5 variants available; Vanilla Ring, Swedish Style, Norwegian Style, Currant Cookies, and Finnish Style. All of those variants are mainly made from similar ingredients but the tastes are quite different. For Vanilla Ring and Norwegian Style, they are served without toppers. On the other hand, the 3 others are sprinkled with sugar and raisins.

All of the variants are very tasty. But if I need to choose only some of them, it seems like Norwegian Style and Vanilla Ring are the winners. Yes, there are indeed no toppers that make the taste richer. But the sweetness is just balance. There is also a little taste of salty and spicy that makes the cookies really good and even addictive. After those two variants, maybe the next favorite type is Currant Cookies. Well, the main reason is raisins that are sweet but also sour at once.

Why don’t I include the sugar-toppers variants in the list of my favorite? Those two are delicious for sure. But it feels like the sugar application on the cookies’ surface just makes those Danish Butter Cookies variants too sweet. But again, it just depends on the taste anyway. If you love a kind of super sweet cookie, Swedish and Finnish Style are still great to accompany your day.

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Danisa Butter Cookies

Danish Butter Cookies are recommended to enjoy with friends and family in spare time. You can eat them in the evening together with a cup of tea. Yes, that’s enough to make your day more relaxed and interesting. Moreover, if you also watch your favorite movies or TV programs at that time.

Interestingly, there is the latest news about this brand. The producer of Danish Butter Cookies will produce the product with smaller sizes. Then, they are also available in smaller packaged with cheaper prices for sure. The news is very good for the lovers of this product. Now, you can bring those cookies anywhere more practically. Besides, it is to make Danish Butter Cookies friendlier for kids. Yes, they often cannot eat up one big biscuit at once. With the travel-package series, this product is getting worthier to buy.